William Harcourt Hooper

hooper 2

Tom Riedlinger has very kindly sent us this photograph and brief obituary of W. H. Hooper, who was Morris’s chief wood-engraver; they appeared in the Illustrated London News, 2 March 1912, p. 314. This is the text accompanying the photo:

In the early ‘fifties of the last century the late Mr. William Harcourt Hooper, a wood-engraver of the old school, joined the staff of The Illustrated London News. He afterwards became manager to Joseph Swaine, the engraver for Punch. Mr. Hooper engraved the work of many eminent artists, including Fred. Walker, John Leech, Sir John Tenniel, George du Maurier, Lord Leighton, and Sir John Millais. He also did much engraving work for William Morris at the Kelmscott Press, including the designs for the famous “Chaucer.” These blocks have been presented to the British Museum.

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